delicious_frontThis cookbook is awarded Best Danish Cookbook by The Gourmand World Cookbook Award in category ”Single subject”.

“Delicious Lamb” contains 87 mouthwatering recipes with lamb. Leg, shoulder, stews, barbecue, soups, stuffing and much more. The recipes can be cooked by anyone, who feels like spending some time in the kitchen and like lamb.

Many of the dishes are slow food, but there are also recipes that can be made in a short period of time. For most of the dishes, I suggest accompaniments, and the book contains a catalog of different accompaniments, which I think generally goes well with lamb.

“An exciting cookbook, which with its beautiful layout makes you want to sit back and soak yourself in … and be inspired …” Thy Lam

“Beautiful photos, great recipes and not least … a string of nice accompaniments perfectly suited to lamb.” Aarhus Stiftstidende

“A more than welcome book with lamb recipes … will certainly be used by people who love the taste of lamb.” Bibliotekerne

Wonderful inspiration – both for ordinary days and party … you feel like eating lamb more often!”

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